About Me!

Getting right down to the boring bit: I am twenty-six and I live in Colorado with my daughter, dog, and husband. When I am not writing, I usually work a part-time job, lovingly push my affection on my family, and think on what it would be like if I could eat sushi every day.

Now on to the fun stuff!

I have always known that a strong passion for all things fantasy, from dragons to gremlins, and potions to dark magic, rests just underneath my skin. In my blood. As a child I could see magic in the air and my imagination was, much to the distress of my teachers, limitless. I was always seeing and creating. I doodled creatures and made up weird dialogue and lived through great battles and loved the heroes and hated the villains as deeply as if it were actually happening to me. So here I am, twenty-mumble years old, to put those ideas and dreams into something more solid. A novel. Short stories. Fan-fiction. And maybe the odd sketch or two.

Check back every other Monday for new a flash fiction! And be sure to keep an eye out for Into The Blood, my first novel, more information about publication when I…well…when I get a publisher.