PPWC Dabbles

100-word flash fiction entered in the PPWC contest. Must use 5 predetermined words. They are the ones in bold!   EDIT: Guys this won first place!  I am elated! 

Black is the color of Merlot Sanguine’s soul, but oh, I love her. We stand toe to toe on the slippery wayside while rain rinses away the evidence. Her delirious laugh is like thundersnow, dangerous, cold,— awe-inspiring. She retracts the knife from my chest inch by painful inch. Death, it seems so inconsequential, doesn’t it? When compared to the smile she shoots me now. The color black, like her soul, embraces me. It’s beautiful.  


The next four are prompts given to me with only seven minutes to write. Some I like one better than the rest. What is your favorite?


  1. I should have been enjoying myself, instead I….


I should be enjoying myself, instead I am dying. My soul was. And it was all his fault. I mean, look at him. Surrounded by a sea of cheerleaders at the party all begging for his attention. He was tall and athletic, sure, but his eyes caught my attention. The way they looked through me and knew that I too wanted to be standing with the other girls, batting long eyelashes and pouting their lips and flicking their hips in that sensual way women naturally do. But I was a man… So I stand here next to the stereo and dance like I am not burning.
2.  There is an odd noise from the other end of the alley, I couldn’t help but…


Crouch down a little lower in my house. I call it a house, but it was really a dumpster behind Moody’s bar. I’ve been here almost a week now. How I came to call this smelly slush of empty bottles, half-eaten burgers, and many boxes home is not important. It is mine. How dare someone try and invade my space. A bright light shines on my face.

“Who’s the fuck is there?” I make my voice sound like an adults. I mimic the angry words I hear them say.

The noise gets closer. I make it out to be footsteps.

“W-what do you want?”

In my ears, the tap tap of a woman’s heels ring off of the brick walls surrounding me.

“Finally found you.”  Marie says.

“Oh, mom. What are you doing here, I thought you were dead?”

“I am dear, don’t worry about it.  Let’s just go home.”


My body feels light as I take her hand.


3. A lot of people hate riding the bus…


But I don’t. It is where I find my victims. To me, a trip across states is a five-course dinner. A prostitute who is going nowhere and anywhere you take her. A man kicked out of every bar in town. A teen looking to score some hardcore drugs. Come to me, I say. I have what you need, and they do. Nobody will miss them.   


4. Dismayed I watched my cell phone go dark…dead battery.


“Dead battery,” I muttered. “Damn. How am I going to make it to the last crucifixion?”

“I told you to charge it before we left,” Jeremy said. “Hold on…”

He grabbed the PX cord stuck into the elastic skin of my lower left ear and plugged it into his own phone. “Uploading the directions now.”

“Thanks.” I shot him a relieved smile. “Can’t miss the end of the human race, I’d be the laughing stock of every A.I. in town!”

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