Vampire Problems

The scent of human had always been revolting to Uma. She supposed that was rather odd for a vampire.

“I can’t today, David.” She leaned away from the light-skinned morsel offered to her.

David, all dark robes and translucent eyes and icy skin, dragged a pale hand through his hair. He kicked the human and let out a growl.  “You’re starving, Uma. You have to eat something.”

The human whimpered and slunk off to the corner of their small two bedroom apartment. Uma watched him go with a small twinge of pity. “Can’t we just drink animal blood? Like Twilight?”

Feet never seeming to touch the floor,  David moved to sit on their bed; the old mattress groaned with his weight. “Gods, I hate that woman… I mean, sparkling skin?”

Uma was quick to fuel the flame. “That is what everyone says. I think you are missing the bigger picture. Edward was nearly one hundred and crushing on a teen. How appalling.” She crossed her arms and cocked a hip.

David hummed his agreement, then realizing what was happening, clicked his tongue and motioned for the human, who scuttled right back over. David pulled the human’s hair, snapping his head back, and bit down hard, just under the fleshy part of the ear. “Eat. Stop trying to distract me. I am putting my foot down on this, Uma. Vampires are fragile; no matter what those stupid fairy tales would have you believe.”

Uma knew he was right, but she found herself gagging at the gush of scarlet that ran down the human’s neck. Her empty stomach rolled as she took the human from David, who held him out like a beloved toy.

“This must be how children feel when they are told to eat their brussel sprouts.” However, Uma knew David would go get the funnel if she didn’t start compiling. She shivered.

Timidly, she puts her lips to the warm gash on the human’s neck.

Gods, it is like drinking motor oil. Uma had to admit, though, she noticed an immediate difference in herself. Strength returned to her limbs as her cheeks grew flushed with another species blood.

“Good. You’ll be your old self in no time.” David nodded in satisfaction. He moved to take the human away, but Uma held him steadfast and gave a little warning hiss.

Her partner’s eyebrows rose. “Do we need to find another for you? My mistake, I knew you’d be hungry. Give him to me and I’ll go hunting again.”

Uma didn’t even hear David anymore. It was just her and the lifeblood.

“Uma?” David took a few steps toward her, then he shouted, “Uma, stop!”

A rush of ruby fluid passed her lips and like magic, she felt her organs kickstart. Oh! She had forgotten what it was like to have a beating heart! It was brilliant!

Uma backed away from David and drank faster.  

David lunged, but she was faster than him now. She scaled the wall and sat high on the oak cabinet with the human dangling from her mouth like a cheetah with a gazelle.

”You have to stop now!” He cried. “The human is almost dead! You know what happens next, Uma!”

His pleas soon fell into silence as he watched her jump back to the bed to finish the kill. What was done was done and she couldn’t stop now even if she wanted to, even knowing her fate. Uma felt tears, real tears, spilling down her cheeks.

The human’s heart gave one last feeble throb and then, nothing. Uma seemed to snap out of her trance and dropped the human like a stone, backpedaling away from the corpse as fast as her limbs would let her.

“I’m sorry…I am so sorry….” Uma whispered to her partner. David was on his knees, staring at the tile as if he could see through it; as if he could shatter it with his gaze. He didn’t look up so she tried again, “I didn’t mean for this to happen. I just couldn’t stop.” Uma’s voice didn’t sound quite right to her own ears. She touched her throat in confusion.

Oh no… Uma dashed to David’s side and she put her hand on his arm. “Can you forgive me, David? Love?”

He roared and backhanded her. She flew across the small room and hit her head against a full-length mirror resting against the wall.It shattered.

David’s eyes widened and he looked at his hand as if it had betrayed him. “So, it is true,” He said, eyes looking pained. Slowly he rose and walked back to the bed, the back of his robes facing her. “Get out of here, Uma.”

“B-but I…”  Uma started, but she found herself looking in the mirror.

“Yes, take a long look at what you’ve done.” David hissed.

Uma gazed at her reflection in shock. Her lips were pink, her hair was glossy, her eyes sparkled, and her body hummed with life. She was a human…

“You don’t belong with me now, just go…” David seemed to think for a moment, then added, “And stay off the street at night, or I’ll mistake you for food.”  

Uma didn’t think David would do that, but she noticed he had a predatory gleam in his eye as she turned to run out the door.


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